15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in Sardinia

Were there 15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in Sardinia?

Latest European UFO Research – Have ETs visited Sardinia in the PAST?

The Testimony of Luigi Muscas on his property near Cagliari, Sardinia on 11/11/2012

Luigi told me about the tombs and artifacts of giants (15 foot tall beings) who lived in Sardinia thousands of years ago. He told me that his father and his uncles, who also own land near his land, have dug up many bones and human artifacts. He also mentioned that traditional archeology does not accept this discovery and that his entire family has been threatened. 15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in SardiniaHe has been told over and over to keep this secret and NOT talk to the general public. His has written two books on the GIANTS, one called The Giants, Children of the Stars and The Giants and the Culture from the Stars, which has many photographs. He says

“The people who come to my house to heard about the star people, they want a certainty, the proof that this is not a fantasy but the truth. This Reality is hidden

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